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Couponing can be so time consuming, but it’s worth it if you do it right. With our exclusive Shoptimizer app, you can instantly get thousands of potential purchase scenarios so you can maximize savings on rebates and coupons.

The app works at any store in any location where you shop. It’s the ultimate coupon & rebate app, and it will be available soon!

sh_gridShoptimizer, exclusively for the iPhone, is the dream companion for any frugal shopper. The critical artificial intelligence of the app determines thousands of potential purchase scenarios for a shopper based on rebates and coupons.

For example, a user could be interested in buying coffee, chips and cheese on their latest shopping trip. They may already have coupons for money off the chips and/or cheese and/or bread and may have multiple coupons.

Shoptimizer will scan the thousands of possible permutations for purchasing these goods based on the products, quantities and coupons held and will tell the user what the cheapest scenario would be! – four packets of chips; one piece of cheese and three packets of coffee at store X. Only an App as sophisticated as Shoptimizer could deliver these results quickly, and in an easy to understand, visually pleasing format.

The standard coupon app or rebate collector does just that – collects coupons. Shoptimizer takes the information and then logically uses it to present the user with the next steps – exactly what to buy and how to group them together to get the best deal.

You will also be able to access blog feeds from – parent site of Shoptimizer. brings couponing into the 21st century by making it quick and easy.  Shoptimizer also has many other money-saving features including links to top coupon and rebate bloggers providing hundreds of other ways to save money.

As every good frugal shopper knows, Shopping is part art, part science – Shoptimizer combines them both for the ultimate money and time saving shopping trips!

Checkout a few of the awesome transactions run with the Shoptimizer App!

My CVS Transactions Today only $5.25 each!

My CVS Trip Today – 3 Transactions only $4.88 each!

Shoptimizer is the ultimate coupon and rebate app works at any store, any location where you shop and is the latest useful time-saving device from Shopper’s Haul, LLC.

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