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Shopper’s Haul™ Coupon Plugin

Are you a coupon or deal blogger that is short on time?  Are you paying someone to post the coupons every day … only to miss some of them?  Join the club!  I love my blog but sometimes, I don’t have time to post all the coupons that are available  each and every day so I had to find a better way of managing my time.  Fast forward to today.

The Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin is a Word Press Plug-In that will automatically post the new coupons everyday to your blog or blogs with little or no effort.  Imagine all the time you will save!

How Does This Plugin Work?

1) Become an affiliate of (which is FREE) to join;

2) Enter your Brandcaster Affiliate ID into the Plugin;

3) Edit the HTML so your coupon post fits your blog style;

4) Set the Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin to post automatically to your blog or can set it to post to a Draft Post so you can manually publish it; and

5) Set the intervals for the Plugin to check for new coupons so you don’t have to worry that you’ll miss one.

6) NOW with the newly upgraded feature of adding your affiliate ID from your favorite affiliate network on set up (MySavings or Escalate) and have your coupons automatically linked and pre-clipped as they hit your blog!!  

That’s it…now your on your way to posting fresh coupons to your blog and fanpage automatically so you can get on to matching other deals!


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