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Plugin Upgrade Current Customers Only

You are already a Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin user and no doubt love it!!  Who would have thought a little plugin could do so much!!  With this upgrade you will get the following features:

1) Option to switch out links to My Savings, Escalate, Logical Media, CPADNA, CJ, GAN and Panthera;

2) First Run of 10 or 100 depending on original purchase;

3) Multiple Coupon Categories;

4) Tags (automatically populated from coupon feed) (i.e. frozen foods, baby products etc);

5) Brand Heading (automatically populated from coupon feed);

6) Rotating Titles (customizable by blog owner) up to 10 different titles.  Each coupon as it pulls will pull from the list of 10 (Sample Coupon with rotating title);

7) Customizable Coupon Post HTML; and

8) Daily Coupon Roundup Post (every 24 hours) listing all of the coupons that printed within the last 24 hours (Sample Daily Coupon Roundup).

To Get This UPGRADE you must be a current plugin customer who purchased prior to June 30!!  

Gold Upgrade