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16 Responses to Contact Me

  • hi Marianne, told you are the guru-would appreciate your help!

    I have over (20) $2 Walgreens RR. Where can these be used and what restrictions do I need to adhere to?

    Thank you and LOVE your site…thanks for all the help!

    • Hi Darlene!! Welcome to the world of “couponing”! Register Rewards from Walgreens can be used at Jewel like cash. The only thing they do not do is give you cash back so make sure your order total is more than the $40 (Register Rewards). Pair up the Register Rewards that you have to pay for your groceries with coupons at Jewel … and you have a sweet deal!

      Alternatively, if you have register rewards and you want to make more register rewards you can re-use them at Walgreens but not on the same product that issued the register reward previously. For example, if your $2.00 register reward came from Colgate Toothpaste — you can reuse that $2.00 register reward on something that will issue another register reward that is not from Colgate. I would recommend you try to roll some of your register rewards each week so you have something to start with for each Sunday sale.

      If you have any questions — or need any help, just let me know!! I totally am thrilled you love the site….I love the feedback!! Please feel free to post anytime.

  • How do I join this site.
  • Hi Cheryl – thanks for stopping by the site — on the right hand side toward the top you can subscribe to my daily deals email (which is free) – it says Subscribe to my daily emails. If you want to join using facebook or twitter – just hit the F and T and like me on facebook and follow me on twitter!! I update the site daily so every day a newsletter goes out — to give you an update. In the meantime, if you have questions or need help with putting together deals – just drop me an email! Couponing is an awesome experience and its just something I am exicted to share!
  • Hi Marianne,
    I did use the wags rewards at jewel in our area and it worked. thanks so much for letting me know. now i will start shopping at jewels instead of meijers for my groceries :)
    • Glad to hear it mommy.twogirls!! I’m glad it worked!! Many people don’t know that you can use Walgreens Register Rewards at Jewel…once I found that out — it changed the way I shop. It let’s me stock up on many items at Walgreens (where I can make money) – just to turn around and get my groceries for FREE!! Sweet deal if you ask me!


  • Hi Marianne,

    I just went to Staples and they had Scotch tape in dispensers on sale for .99. I was able to use my coupon I printed from your site yesterday to get them for free.

    • That’s great to hear Nancy!! You will find the deals are out there…its just matching them up to the coupons when they are at their very lowest point!! You will find yourself saving a ton of money!! Welcome to couponing!!


  • Hi Marianne,
    Wanted to send you a HUGE thank you.. My hubby and I
    just used our Pepsi insert coupons at Ultra Foods. They have a sale going on 3/24 ok pepsi pop for&12.00 w/ a $10.00 store purchase. We used the $2.00 off (making 3 /24 packs for$10.00) and used the $1.00 off propel for the 6packs. Got 5 six packs of propel for $10.00 and 3/24packs of pepsi all for $20.00.. Also got Welches grape juice for .99 cents with the $1.00 off coupon ( the bottles had a hang tag coupon for a dollar off, we saved that one for another time since it doesn’t expire til August and used the one from the inserts) it was awesome… After several transactions we are stocked for the Memorial Day weekend!!! You are so kind and thoughtful to share and post all that you’ve learned… Our family greatly appreciates it… So thanks again for all your hard work and time…
    • That is awesome!! What a great job shopping! You will soon see how much you can buy and for so much less!! Your cabinets will be stocked and your wallets won’t feel too much pain!! I remember when a trip to the grocery store set us back a couple hundred dollars each time…now it doesn’t hurt so much and many times I walk away spending close to nothing!! Keep up the good work and please share my site with your friends!! I hope that it will help people realize they do not have to pay full price for anything!
  • Hi Marianne,

    I am looking forward to your event next Thursday at the Founders Center. I have invited 90 of “my closest facebook friends” too!

    • Thank you…I’m excited to do the event. It is a good feeling to know that you don’t have to spend alot of money to have alot! The best thing is … being able to save money and have money left at the end of each month! Its something that I hope to share with anyone and everyone who is willing to listen!
  • Hi Marianne,

    Everyone said you were a great teacher helping them learn how to coupon. They really enjoyed the class and only 1 other lady has couponed before. The rest are newbies and seemed very excited to start ;0). Some already did purchases and were shocked at the savings.

    Have a wonderful day,

    • Hi Kim, I’m thrilled everyone is excited! I love couponing and even more love helping others see that they can save a ton of money if we just apply the right principles! I had fun at the class and think we’ve created new couponers! Share the word, if anyone else wants to host a class, have them send me an email. ;). Thanks for hosting!
  • Rumor has it the Chicagoland Jewel stores are no longer letting you use catalina!!! Is this true?! I also know that Target has a new policy and will not let you stack a BOGO coupon with their BOGO sales anymore. :( Just wanted you to know but hopefully I’m wrong.
    • Hi Monica, I know that last time I went to Jewel (last week or so) they only let me use enough Catalina’s as I had items. I happened to go when I had 60 Sobe water coupons for $0.99 so I had to have 60 items in my cart to use them all! It was difficult but I managed ;). I have other Catalina’s to use this weekend from the Dove Chocolate deal this past week so I will post back after I shop!

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