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Ready for a Challenge?? How About The Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge!


The Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge is for those who want to start out with a bang and put less away towards the Christmas holidays for 2014 … the end result is the same as the 52 Week Money Challenge just backwards.  Each week you deposit the dollar amount associated with that week but we are starting with week 52 instead of week 1.  For example, on the 1st week you deposit $52.00, on the

Let’s Take The 52 Week Money Challenge!


I think saving money is something that many of us struggle with no matter what our age.  The 52 Week Money Challenge is a very easy concept.  Each week you deposit the dollar amount associated with that week.  For example, on the 1st week you deposit $1.00, on the 2nd week you deposit $2.00.  If you follow this simple plan at the end of the year you will end up having $1378.00!  It’s a pretty

Simply Savings | Four Couponing Tips for Beginners!


Coupons are an indispensable part of saving money in today’s economy. If you’re trying to trim up the grocery budget, here are a few tips and answers to help you get started in the world of couponing! You’ll be glad you did. 1) What are manufacturers coupons? You’ll run across these a lot. A manufacturers coupon is released by the product’s manufacturer not by the individual grocery store

Simply Savings | Saving Money is Downright Sexy ~ Frugal Dating Tips!


Saving Money is downright sexy! Showing your new love interest that you can manage money is not just a smart move it’s downright sexy. Who wants to go into a relationship knowing that the other person is in debt up to their eyeballs or that their finances are a mess? Let’s face it, even in the newest of relationships finances do matter. Poor spending is an indication that the person doesn’t

Simply Savings | Using Coupons to Spend Less and Get More!


We all love to save money when shopping. Whether it’s online or in the supermarket, using coupons is one of the best ways to reduce how much we spend on things. However using coupons has a lot of hidden benefits that many people aren’t aware of. In addition to saving money, coupons can make your shopping process a great deal easier. You can shop at places you once thought were unaffordable and even

Simply Savings | Baby On a Budget!


It’s pretty well know that babies cost a lot of money. All that equipment, diapers, gear, Oh my! However, it is possible to have a baby on a budget and save money as well.  There are some practical ways to save money and not take a huge bite out of your budget with a baby on the way. Photo credit: anitapeppers from  Feeding time It goes without saying that skipping formula

Simply Savings | Saving Money @ The Gas Pump!


 At a time when most of us are pinching our pennies tighter than ever, gas prices continue to rise and there doesn’t seem to be much relief in sight. While you may not be able to control the prices you pay at the gas pump, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of fuel you use. Of course, one way is to buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle; however, if that isn’t really an option (since

Simply Savings | Saving Money @ Restaurants!


Many of us enjoy a having nice meal out in a restaurant. It gives the family cook a break from the kitchen, it’s a nice way to socialize with family and friends, and it’s usually fun.  Unfortunately, eating out can be one of the quickest ways to really blow your budget. But there are some easy ways to lessen the damage and still enjoy the pleasure of eating out occasionally. Drink water.

Simply Savings | Going Green and Saving Money!


Going green can help you to save the environment and save yourself some money as well. One way to do this is by placing a rain barrel in your backyard. You can gather the rainwater and use it to water your trees, flowers, grass, shrubs, and the car as well. This will help to keep your backyard green and save you some green as well. You can either check out your local big box hardware store for

Simply Savings | Ways To Save Money On Insurance Costs!


Insurance is a necessity these days, not a luxury so there is really no way to avoid spending money on it.  You sure don’t want to find out the hard way what it is like to experience a catastrophic event without insurance!  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save on insurance; you just need to know how to do it.  Whether you are planning to a life, health, auto, or home policy, here are

Simply Savings | Easy Ways To Save Money Everyday Without Effort!


Given the current state of the economy, who wouldn’t welcome a chance to save money, especially if it was easy to do? Believe it or not, there are ways to save cash every day, without a whole lot of effort. “Simply Savings” by Shopper’s Haul is a weekly learning series of simple ways to save money to help stretch the money we currently make so that we all end up with more money at the end of

Simply Savings | 5 Ways to Save Big This Year!


It’s no secret, nowadays everyone is trying to figure out ways to spend less money right now. Whether you are headed to the grocery store, buying gas or taking the kids out for some fun, —  all of us like to save as much as we can.  Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to save money that won’t make you feel like a cheap skate.  Just doing a few of the things below can make a sizable difference