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Lines and Wrinkles Disappear ~ My Review of Nerium AD Night Skin Cream and Giveaway!


GOT WRINKLES??  Nerium Age Defying Skin Treatment to the rescue!!  I turned 49 this year and let me tell you — it seems like overnight my skin changed.  I’m sure it wasn’t overnight but maybe I just was too busy to notice it.  I went to a doctor to see what they could do to help with the lines and wrinkles and they said Botox — at $400 per quarter and they use needles!!  YIKES, that was something I am so not interested in.  I guess I prefer the less invasive approach.  I figured what did I have to lose – especially with a product that offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  I tried Nerium for about 30 days and was so pleased with the results that I had to continue with my auto-shipment!!  I just found out that it works for hands, chin and chest so YIPEE!!  I can get old gracefully without needles.

I was very skeptical that a product would actually do what it said – I mean REALLY??  Get rid of lines and wrinkles just because you put on a little night cream?  I guess in my mind, I thought the steps were just too simple so it couldn’t work and really thought that it was going to be another product that didn’t hold up to what it claimed.   So I started the 5 minute night-time routine:

  • Wash Face
  • Use 4-5 Pumps of Nerium AD Skin Cream on Neck / Face (on damp skin)
  • Rinse in Morning

That’s it – nothing more.  The minute I put it on I could feel it tighten — NOT possible I thought must be a fluke!  I continued to use the product for a full month …my photos below show the progress and are the real ME untouched and without makeup – not my prettiest photos but it was all the proof I needed to see how well the product worked.  In the first photo my laugh lines were pretty deep but as the weeks progressed they seemed to start to disappear.  The other lines on my forehead and face also started to become less visible — WOOT, WOOT!!  I would recommend you taking similar before / during and after photos so you can see the difference.


I am so thrilled with the results from 30 days that I was SOLD immediately on the product and what it could do for me … and immediately thought of all the people I know like me, who want younger looking skin without “medical” intervention.  Finally, this means you can clean out your bathroom cabinets and get rid of ALL the skin care products that haven’t worked.  Nerium AD Age Defying Treatment is a revolutionary new product guaranteed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is definitely changing lives!!

ABOUT Nerium

So many people using Nerium AD have shown amazing results, just watch the video below by clicking the image.



Now you can try Nerium AD Treatment RISK FREE for 30 days! That’s right…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will be amazed at the results and so glad that you tried it!!  PLUS if you decided you want to get your monthly product for FREE Nerium offers a customer referral program which means you will NEVER have to pay for your product again with their “Refer 3 get yours FREE” program.  Let us help you get your product for FREE by hosting your very own Real Results Party.  We can get you set up with your very own REAL RESULTS PARTY just in time for the holidays!


Lastly, not only does Nerium provide an awesome product that works, they offer a great business model where you can sign up to be an Independent Brand Partner and earn cash incentives and fun prizes like cars, Ipads, and more.  The company is in the beginning stages and has tapped a market that is growing each day with more and more real people sharing their amazing results which is making the growth of the business unbelievable!  This is a win-win for both Brand Partner and customer – it is changing lives.

To order the product for yourself visit HERE

To see more results visit HERE

To find out more about the business opportunity visit HERE

Whether you are looking for product to help your skin look younger, smoother and firmer OR whether you are looking for a way to help your family financially Nerium has just what you need!


Enter to win a 1-month supply of Nerium Skin Defying Age Cream by entering our giveaway below — remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out Nerium AD Skin Cream!  Good Luck ~ 1 winner will be chosen at random. This giveaway begins at MIDNIGHT 11/17 and ENDS at MIDNIGHT on 11/29. Open to US ONLY entries.

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  1. TallulahJane says:
    I have some fine lines and under eye puffiness that I would love to fix.
  2. My deep 111 wrinkels :/
  3. Wrinkles and circles under my eyes.
  4. I need to fix my uneven skin tone. Also I have some major age spots that need covering.
  5. I would like to even out my skin’s discoloration.
  6. I like to fix fine lines and crow’s feet.
  7. I’d like to keep the little lines by my mouth to a minimum!
  8. mechele johnson says:
    Since I have turned 40, I am noticing a lot more fine lines!
  9. Marilyn Nawara says:
    I’m starting to get fine lines by my eyes and mouth.
  10. Danielle Jones says:
    I would like help with fine lines on my face.
  11. Julie Waldron says:
    I’d like to fix the dark circles/puffiness under my eyes.

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