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Belle Chic Roundup of Deals!


I love the items BelleChic has to offer.  Each item is unique and well priced.  Here is a recap of some of today’s deals … remember most of these deals are short lived so if you see something you want make sure to grab it before they get pulled or sell out! :-)

 Two Tone Round Stud Earrings - Metallic Gold Aqua

Two Tone Round Stud Earrings – Metallic Gold Aqua – $10.99

 Geometric Oval Ring - Turquoise

Geometric Oval Ring – Turquoise – $8.99

 Love Bangle

Love Bangle – $8.25

 Slip On Shoes - Purple

Slip On Shoes – Purple – $19.99

 Slip On Shoes - Fuchsia

Slip On Shoes – Fuchsia – $19.99

 Cafe au Lait Belt

Cafe au Lait Belt – $6.99

 Anchor Bangle

Anchor Bangle – $8.25

 Million Dollar Theater Pendant

Million Dollar Theater Pendant – $11

 Chugga Chugga Belt

Chugga Chugga Belt – $6.99

 Etched Geometry Pendant - White

Etched Geometry Pendant – White – $13.99

 Galaxy Belt

Galaxy Belt – $6.99

 Million Dollar Theater Rosary

Million Dollar Theater Rosary – $29.99

 **Although we try our best to post the deals as they happen, sometimes the deals sell out quickly or get pulled by the merchant.  If that happens with this deal, make sure to browse the Belle Chic site for other awesome deals!**

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