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Don’t Miss Today’s *HOT* One Day Deals!


WOWZA...did you see today’s deals that end at midnight?    I know if you are like me and busy with work, kids, family and lots of running – often it means your too busy to find the best deals.   Here you have today’s HOT One Day Deals all in one place so shopping is a breeze!

Checkout these deals that you can grab for the next 24 hours …and save a bundle!

2-Pk: Power Bank Keychain $12.99

2-Pk: Cooling Towels $10.99

D-Link HD Media Router $17.99

Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera $49.99

Smith & Wesson EGO $13.99

Disney Watch Men’s or Ladies’ $23.99

Rainfall Shower Head 12″ $22.99

Anya Performance Capri $12.99

1 Ct Diamond Ring $599.99

1.50 Ct Diamond Studs $279.99

Remember because these prices are SLASHED it means sometimes these deals sell out pretty quickly … so if you see something you want, make sure to grab it when you see it!


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