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Easter Basket Ideas For All Ages!

Easter Basket Ideas For All Ages!

What do you place in Easter baskets for different ages?  Does it have to be candy and chocolate rabbits? Does it have to eggs and jellybeans? According to modern times, the answer is No.  Taking a poll of people is always interesting because you never know how it will turn out. Here are some of the answers we received when people were asked what should be placed in an Easter basket?

Books ~ some kids and adults love to read. Why not encourage them by getting a favorite novel?

CD’s and DVD’s ~ These fit nicely in baskets and will last longer than the chocolate eggs.

Movie Tickets ~ So you yourself can have a nice quiet Easter at home. Let the kids go out and paint the town.

Toiletries and Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, and Lotions all make a great smelling basket and loved one.

Candles and Bubble Bath ~ For the special lady to sit back and relax on Easter night.

Money ~ This is always a great idea according to my son.

Clothes ~ Bulky, but you can always place the items in a box underneath the basket.

Socks and Booties ~ These help keep the feet toasty warm on the winter nights.

Candy  ~ Use this sparingly as filler between the items in the basket. You must also include at least one chocolate rabbit.

Video Games ~ These also fit in the baskets and can help the kids spend what would be a boring afternoon waiting for Easter dinner to be done to have loads of fun instead.

Jewelry ~ My favorite and always a winning idea.

Crafts and Fabric – For the artsy person in your life, they will have several idea what to do with it the second they see it.

Disposable Cameras ~ For taking pictures, and most importantly, to make some lasting memories.

Bible ~ Perhaps the most needed thing, so you can read the Easter story to the kids.

See there are a ton of ideas…the problem usually lies in the fact that the baskets are too small to fit it all!  Lots of choices – most of all have fun with the Easter basket …I’m sure the recipient will love whatever it is you give!


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