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5 Valentine Gift Ideas for Tween and Teen Boys!

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Few tween boys are interested in getting a stuffed animal or heart shaped box of chocolate from their parents or grandparents. But, if you’re still hoping to give the older boy in your life a Valentine’s Day gift, consider one of these suggestions instead.

Electronic Chocolate Controller

Give them a chocolate fix and play on a love of video games! Opening this sweet treat will certainly leave a smile on his face.


Headphones or earbuds are a great idea for older boys. Whether they lose them or break them, this is something that is constantly in need of replacing. Listening to music, playing video games or plugging into a computer headphones are always a must have.

Boys Book of Survival

What’s a guy to do if he’s confronted by a man-eating tiger or trapped at a school dance? This fun book gives advice on how to survive a variety of situations. With some real, valuable survival advice mixed with fun (how to survive a shopping trip with mom?) this book is sure to be a hit.

Axe Spray Pack

Have a pre-teen or teenage boy? You’ve probably had the “scent” argument. Thanks to some clever advertising by the folks at Axe, wearing deodorant spray has never been cooler. Capitalize by restocking with an Axe spray variety pack.

Gift Cards

There’s no greater gift than giving the power of choice. Whether it’s an iTunes, Amazon, Xbox or Nintendo game card, you’ll win him over with some cash on a plastic card!



  1. Teen boys are so hard to buy for, especially for Valentines day.
    Thanks for sharing this great ideas.

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