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Valentine’s Day Appetizers, Drinks & Dessert Recipes Kindle Style!


This time of the year romance is in the air…and many of us want to surprise our significant other with some sort of romantic dinner.  Here are some great recipe books you can grab from Amazon that will help you plan your special night!  There are so many great books to choose from…your sure to find something that will please your special someone.

Get Romantic Dessert Recipes for only $.99!

Are you ready to get your romantic juices flowing? Nothing gets you in the mood quite like a tempting, sweet dessert. Here you’ll have a handful of divine desserts that will give you everything you need to entice and impress your guests. Whether it is your family, a first date, or your long-time lover, these decadent treats are guaranteed to please. So put on an apron, light some candles, and get in the kitchen!

Get A Valentine’s Day Menu & Recipes (The Basic Art of Italian Cooking) for only $1.49!

A 4 course Valentine’s Day menu (not published yet) from the Gourmand World Award winning Book series The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati. Includes 4 easy to follow recipes for the perfect Valentine’s Day meal.

Get Valentine’s Day Cupcakes & Treats: Easy Sweet Recipes for just $1.99!

Valentine’s Day is For Lovers and Loved Ones! Forget diamonds and trinkets, give them the gift of sweetness this season with some tasty cupcakes and other treats. Here we have 8 of some of the best and easiest Valentine’s Day recipes you can make.

Get Decadent Chocolate Recipes for Chocolate Lovers by Joanne Panettieri for only $1.99!

Filled with more than 35 delicious recipes in the following categories, this book will meet every need from an elegant dessert to a quick chocoholic fix! Also, chocolate cookies and candy make wonderful gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day and Christmas!

Get Love Potions: 50 Cupid Approved Cocktails for Valentine’s Day (Madtini Cocktail Recipes) for just $2.99!

When we think of love and romance many things come to mind. A crush. A first kiss. Flirtation. Hot passions. We’ve tried to cover all of the bases and with 50 romantic cocktails to choose from, love is in the air…

In our first chapter, Good Flirtations, we think about the early stages of love with drinks like “Love’s First Kiss”, “A Grand Crush” and “Valentine’s Kiss”.
The next chapter, On Cloud 9, is full of creamy, dreamy sweet cocktails such as “Kiss Me All Over”, “Angel’s Lips” and “P.S. I Love You”. Followed by chapter three, Passion’s Promises, with heady cocktails such as “Adrenaline Rush”, “Between the Sheets” and “Seduction on the Rocks”.

In chapter four, Spicing Things Up, we put a little fire into things with spicy cocktails such as “Flaming Heart”, “Hot Tamale” and “Sinful Cinntini”. And our final chapter, Hot & Steamy, has a selection of hot cocktails such as “Hot Minty Kiss”, “Hot Buttered Love” and “Winter Passion” to warm your heart.

Get Valentine’s Day 100 Recipes for only $2.99!

Valentine’s Day – is there a better way to express your love and devotion than by creating a culinary treat for your loved one? Valentine’s Day 100 Recipes puts recipes for breakfast, starters, mains and sides, desserts and beverages formatted for ease of use on your Kindle at your command..
From romantic breakfast in bed, to starters to set the mood, mains and sides to tempt the palate, scrumptious desserts that will sets hearts aflame to beverages to ignite passion, Valentine’s Day 100 Recipes has you covered.

Get Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Special Drinks for Romantic Dinners for only $2.99!

You will find 25 romantic cocktails that you can pick the perfect treat for your valentine for this special occasion. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Some are sexy, some are sweet, and some are truly romantic. Light some candles, turn on Wonderful Tonight, and enjoy with the one you love!

Get Valentine’s Day Cookbook: A Collection of Valentine’s Day Recipes for just $3.09!

What better way to show your love to your Valentine than to cook a special meal for the two of you. It does not need to be complicated and take you all day. These recipes are easy enough to make and soon you will be enjoying a meal with the one you love.

There are ideas here for an intimate dinner for two or for that special breakfast when you wake up. There are sweet treats to make and some drinks for that special occasion. For that intimate dinner party there are some different ideas for you to choose from. You don’t have to follow the menu as you can chop and change to pick his or her favorites…

Get Easy Valentine Chocolate Recipes for just $3.19!

Chocolate is one of the most popular holiday gifts.On Valentine’s Day, a box of chocolates is traditional, usually presented with flowers and a greeting card. It may be given on other holidays, and birthdays.Easy Valentine Chocolate Recipes for made primarily of chocolate valentine cooking to special person.Many confectioners make holiday-specific chocolate candies, usually variants of their standard fare.

Get Appetizers – Baking Love In The Kitchen for just $3.87!

Here are 25 unbelievably delicious recipes for you for those very special moments when you need a romantic treat for a loving breakfast, a sexy appetizer, a tantalizing dinner, cookies made especially for two or cupcakes that spell I love you. How about a recipe for French Toast Hearts with Almonds or Passion Fruit Shrimp Hearts? Whatever the time of day or night, and whenever romance strikes, be ready with one of these romantic recipes from your passionate heart. From mine to yours!


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