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Frgual Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

frugal Valentines Day Gifts

If you are on a budget, Valentine’s Day can be hard to manage. You want to give your loved one a token of your affection, but you may still be recovering from Christmas, financially. Here are some frugal Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t leave your wallet empty:

Give The Gift of “Me” Time

Does your spouse or significant other long for some time alone to do something like a hobby or just relax? Offer to watch the kids, do the cooking, yard work or something else for each other on separate days and give the other one some valuable time alone.

Surprise Your Partner With a Picnic

Since it is not warm everywhere around the country during Valentine ’s Day, you can do this inside, even on your own living room floor. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be planned.

Make Something For Your Lover

It may seem silly, or insignificant, but a good, honest and heart-felt handmade card of love letter can mean the world to someone over any gift you could buy. If you are not good with words, try making something special in another way using your talents.

“Breakfast In Bed”

Who doesn’t love to wake up to pampering first thing in the morning? And if you let your spouse sleep in, isn’t that a great gift in and of itself?

Take The Day Off  Work Together

This may not seem like much, but if you seem to never have time together and your lives are so busy you find yourself disconnecting, taking the day off together to do nothing but watch movies or tv, relax and talk can be refreshing for the soul and your relationship.

Take A Favorite Picture Of The Two Of You and Get it Resized

Find a great frame at a thrift store, flea market or discount place and put the favorite picture in it. Present it with a bow and a note on why this is your favorite picture.

Make a “I Love You” Coupon Book

All you need is some markers, paper and a little creativity to come up with coupons that mean something to the one you are giving them to. Some suggestions include; massages, night off from cooking or even 1 week of doing a chore of the other’s choice.


Speaking of massages, this is always a welcome gift by most people. You can even get a professional one for low cost if you have a massage school in your local area. A half hour massage could cost as little as $15-$20.


Does your sweetie have a sweet-tooth? Hit up your local gourmet bakery and buy him or her a special cupcake. Make it the most extravagant one you can afford (This usually means spending less than $5 or so) and present it in a fancy box.


If your lover has his or her heart set on flowers, don’t run out to the local florist for an expensive set of roses. Instead, go to the local grocery store. Buy a simple bouquet and dress it up with a vase and decorative extras from the dollar store.

One last tip: Remember to be creative. There are so many ways to show you care without buying anything. What has your spouse or significant other been stressed out about? How can you help? What is something you always mean to do to be affectionate, but never get around to it? Now is the time to do it.!

What other frugal Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas have you come up with, I’d love to hear from you!

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