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10 Ways To Lose Weight Without Joining a Gym!


Did you make a decision to lose weight this New Year? Here’s some great help for you. These are 10 articles that will help you do different things to increase your weight loss. Check them out!

This article by Docikilah has tackled the 8 myths and facts about losing weight. He has great insight!

SpryLiving gives you 3 superfast workouts you can do at lunch, even at your desk to help your weight loss. writes about 14 rules to help you get fit in the New Year!

Fitness Magazine has 7 reasons why sweat does a body good.

BlissTree has a video that is great for travelers titled: Yoga Moves for Travellers.

FitBottomGirls has 6 ways to increase your metabolism.

Here’s another great article from Fitness it’s 10 Reasons why exercise makes you thin.

If you don’t think yoga can change your body watch this video and then take action!

Need a flatter belly? Try the 5 Best Flat Belly Moves.

Need more motivation to keep going check out 4 Winter Motivation Tips.

Your workout doesn’t have to cost a lot. With just a little searching around on the internet you can get your body back and lose weight. What are your weight goals for 2014? Need to lose X amount of weight? Want to just tone? We are all in the same spot. Losing weight or toning up can help your health and your heart. Just do it!


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