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DanceX: Fun Dance & Exercise for Kids with Great Music ~ $14.69!


Our kids today are face with an epidemic – childhood obesity. The availability of fast but unhealthy foods and technology that leads to sedentary ways both work to increase the issues that may face our kids at an early age including heart problems and diabetes. Foster an active lifestyle for them and yourself by making it fun to work out and get moving. DanceX is a great DVD that uses an activity that kids love to get them moving – dancing.

The best exercises are those that don’t seem like work. You are more likely to stick with it when you are having fun. The leader in this video is Ken Kihiu, a former street dancer. He shows kids a variety of dance moves from old school to international. It doesn’t matter about their coordination or skill level. He will break it down for them to get the hang of the dancing. This workout is 25 minutes long and your kids can do it every day if they like. Dancing uses the entire body but the main target here is the larger muscle groups which burn the most calories from exercise. Kids learn greater range of motion and how to follow along.

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