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Ready for a Challenge?? How About The Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge!


The Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge is for those who want to start out with a bang and put less away towards the Christmas holidays for 2014 … the end result is the same as the 52 Week Money Challenge just backwards.  Each week you deposit the dollar amount associated with that week but we are starting with week 52 instead of week 1.  For example, on the 1st week you deposit $52.00, on the 51st week you would deposit $2.00.  If you follow this simple plan at the end of the year you will still end up having $1378.00 but will be spending less out of your pocket during the Christmas Shopping season of 2014.  It’s a pretty painless way to save and it is going to be great to have $1378.00.


To print this chart, just download the file HERE.  Once you’ve printed it, make sure to put it in a place where you will remember to check it to ensure that you make the weekly deposit then after making the deposit, check it off the list.

If you decide to take this Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge, come back and check in periodically and let me know how you are doing. I’m excited to know that at the end of this year I will have $1378 in the bank!


  1. Love it :) Thanks so much for sharing

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