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Jewelry Organizer Case ~ $12.00

$12 for a convenient jewelry organizer case — choose from six colors!


Along with canceled flights and whining kids, a tangled mess of jewelry can make any trip a huge hassle. While we can’t do anything about airline schedules or settle who took whose toys, we can solve the jewelry crisis. Transport your gems with ease, thanks to this deal.

Here’s the deal: A jewelry organizer bag for $12

Compact and convenient: Jewelry lovers rejoice! The case includes three necklace fasteners to prevent tangles, dual ring holders and four pockets to keep smaller jewelry from getting lost. If you’re a bib necklace and chunky bracelets kind of gal, you’ll love the seven zippered large-item pouches and big front pocket.

The gift of style: Giving jewelry as a gift this year? Add an organizer as a thoughtful add-on — choose from six chic color combos!

Jewelry Organizer Case ~ $12.00


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