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Loom Rubber Bands Kit + Free Shipping as low as $9.00!

If you have a little girl who loves making bracelets with rubber bands? This is just the perfect gift idea for her.  Why not grab one of these Loom Rubber Band Kits for an upcoming birthday celebration.  The girls will just love it!

In the mid-90s, Beanie Babies were all the craze. By the early 2000s, Bratz dolls were total must-haves. Fast-forward to 2013, and loom bands are where it’s at! You loved our last loom band Save, so we’ve decided to bring it back with even more great options.

Here’s the deal: A Loom Rubber Band Set, choose from three options:

  • $9 for 1,200 bands with 48 clips and hook
  • $12 for a kit with loom board, 1,200 bands, 48 clips, and loom hook
  • $14 for a kit with board, 1,800 bands, 48 clips, and hook

Band together: An easy, fun project for kids and adults, weaving rubber band jewelry is a perfect rainy day craft. Simply choose your colors from the rubber bands and use the included loom and clips to weave your masterpiece. Make bracelets, rings, necklaces and other stylish pieces.

Fruit of the loom: Gift giving made easy! Kids can make fun jewelry to give to friends or you can grab the set to stuff into their stockings.

From $9: A loom rubber bands kit + free shipping — choose from 3 options

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