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$5 for a nine-pack of whiskey stones

Daily Deals seem to be all the rage…the prices are great for a few days then they go back to normal pricing!

This is an AWESOME deal because you can pay $5 for drink-chilling whiskey stones.

You’re the crock-pot master, turkey carver and chief holiday dj. Yet, no proper party is complete without a well-crafted cocktail. Now add distinguished drink slinger to your list of host superlatives thanks to today’s Save.

Here’s the deal: $5 for a nine-pack of whiskey stones

Chill out: Prep for your party by popping the whiskey stones in the freezer for a few hours. Then add them to your glass to enjoy a cold cocktail without watering it down.

Easy does it: The reusable soapstone cubes are rounded to keep glassware safe, and they can also be thrown into the dishwasher.

How can you Save? Learn how it works.

$5 for a nine-pack of whiskey stones

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