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10 #Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids ~ DIY

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Collage edited

Are your kids out of school for Thanksgiving break? Looking for something to do with them? How about spending some time together making some crafts for the holidays?! I have 10 fabulous Thanksgiving craft ideas to do with your kids!

Hands and Feet Turkey – As I’ve mentioned before, I’m big into handprint and footprint crafts, and they’re a great way to get the kids involved! Here’s a great way to use your children’s handprints and footprints to make a turkey!

Paper Cup Turkey – Here’s another fun and easy way to make a turkey – have your kids decorate a paper cup for the body and some feathers, and then put it all together!

Turkey Placecards – How cute is this as a way to designate seating for Thanksgiving dinner?? And, it’s a great way to start getting your children involved in preparing for the meal!

Thankful Turkey – This is a great way to teach your children what the season of Thanksgiving is all about and to remember everything for which they have to be thankful. Make your turkey by attaching an empty toilet paper roll to a paper plate (let your child decorate them), and then list something that your child is thankful for on each of the feathers!

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow – Popsicle stick crafts are so much fun, and this Popsicle Stick Scarecrow is so cute! Plus, giving your kids an excuse to eat Popsicles? Awesome!

Hand and Foot Turkey – Here’s another variation of a Handprint and Footprint Turkey! I love this one because that’s all it uses. So cute!

Gobble, Gobble Fall Leaves – Here’s a fun way to get your kids outside while working on a craft. Have them go outside and collect leaves to use as the feathers for this turkey!

Pilgrim Hat Toilet Paper Roll Craft – I have to say, as much as I’ve used toilet paper rolls in crafts, I totally hadn’t thought to use one to make a pilgrim hat! This craft is super cute and super thrifty!

Pom Pom Turkeys – How stinking cute is this Pom Pom Turkey?? I’ve never really attempted to do much with yarn, but I may just have to go ahead and try this craft!

Turkey Bowling – Make turkey faces on plastic bowling pins or even plastic soda bottles and let your kids have some fun!

Do you have any Thanksgiving crafts you like to do with your kids? Leave a comment and tell us about them!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


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