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Silent But Deadly Night Card Game ~ $6.99 (Regularly $25.00)

Silent But Deadly Night Card Game


Silent But Deadly Night Card Game is on sale right now for $6.99.  This is a great way to keep everyone entertained by remembering all the different films of Christmas’ past.  Instead of sitting with nothing to do – sit with a group of your friends and play this cute card game.

We bring you holiday joy as we salute the films of Christmas past. Players are making a B-Movie by playing Characters, Props, and Locations in their movie and sending Creatures to attack the other players movies in order to kill off their Characters. SFX cards can modify attacks and do other wacky stuff. When Roll the Credits is played, the player with the most points wins! *Bonus * Silent but Deadly Night comes in a colorful tin and includes Skippy the Wonder Christmas Puppy plush ornament!

Regular Price $25.00
Sale Price: $6.99

Silent But Deadly Night Card Game ~ $6.99

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