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10 Easy #Thanksgiving Decor Ideas!

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I can’t believe its already November. This means that it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving decor (at least in my house)! I’m not the best at decorating, and so I always take to the web to find some fabulous and easy ideas. If you’re like me, then this is for you – 10 easy Thanksgiving decor ideas!

Fall Berries and Leaves – This is such an easy way to bring some fall color into your house for Thanksgiving! And, it’s frugal!

Thanksgiving Table Decor – We don’t host Thanksgiving at our house (hooray for parents who live nearby and a mother-in-law who’s favorite part of the year is having everyone over for Thanksgiving), but if I did, I’d be using this table decor idea. I LOVE the colors and the lights and, well, just everything about it. It looks SO classy, and is yet so frugal and easy!

T-H-A-N-K-S Glasses – How cute is this as a way to decorate your mantel for Thanksgiving? It’s a great way to remember the reason for the season, and you can use it as a way to add some fall color into your house!

Thanksgiving Printable – I love using printables as a way to decorate my house. They’re such an easy way to add some decor – print out on a color printer, pop into a frame and, voila, instant decor! I’m loving the Thanksgiving printable this blogger created, and you can download it for FREE!

Decorative Thanksgiving Blocks – I LOVE blocks like this for the holidays (and even for sayings that aren’t related to holidays), but I haven’t gotten around to making any yet. This blogger makes it look so easy that I’m ready to run out to Hobby Lobby to grab some supplies!

Give Thanks Mantel – I love ideas for decorating mantels, probably because our living room is on the small side and, besides our side table, the mantel is really the only surface I have on which to decorate. I am loving this Give Thanks mantel – it’s such an easy way to decorate, and it can serve as a reminder of what you have to be thankful for!

Runner of Thanks – This is such a fabulous way for everyone in the family to share their thanks in a public way! I’m loving it so much that I think I might get one to take my in-laws’ for the holidays!

Bean-Wrapped Candles – This is another fabulous and easy way to bring fall into your house – get some candles, put glue around the middle and roll them in dried beans!

Thanksgiving Luminaries – When I first saw this, I thought it was super cute but probably way too complicated for me to want to try. And then, I read the directions, and I realized how EASY it actually is! I would LOVE to make some of these for my in-laws’ cabin. We spend a lot of time on the deck, and these would look great out there!

Thanksgiving Leaf Banner – Here’s another easy banner idea for you! I love it because since you’re using cut out leaves, if you make a mistake, it won’t be noticeable at all! Leaves all look different and have various knicks, etc. This is perfect for someone like me!

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