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V.Reader Software Download – Walt Disney’s Peter Pan ~ $4.99

V.Reader Software Download – Walt Disney’s Peter Pan ~ $4.99

Who didn’t love Peter Pan as a kid?  It was always so fun to watch and imagine being just like Wendy, John and Michael flying through the air.  Well now your kids can experience Peter Pan from home.

Every night, Wendy Darling would gather in the nursery with her brothers, John and Michael, to tell grand tales of Peter Pan’s battles with the nasty pirates of Never Land. One night, Wendy learns that she has to grow up and will no longer stay in the nursery. When Peter Pan hears this, he comes up with a brilliant plan to take the three children to Never Land with him! Join Wendy, John, and Michael as they fly to Never Land with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell for a never-ending adventure!


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