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10 #Halloween Safety Tips ~ Be Safe This Halloween!


There is so much fun to be had trick-or-treating. Who wouldn’t love getting dressed up and bagging a ton of candy and treats?

This holiday is all about fun and is usually almost every kid’s favorite fall activity. However, there are some safety tips that should be considered by Mom & Dad for the most spectacular time.

1. Never go alone. Kids under 12 should always trick or treat with adults or older siblings. If you can’t take your kids out, buddy up with other parents in your neighborhood.

2. Don’t wear masks that impede your vision. While masks are fun, they should not cause you to have problems seeing clearly. It is hard enough to see in the dark without this making it impossible. Try to go for costumes that are best with face paint and skip the masks all-together if you can.

3. Make sure costumes fit and do not drag on the ground. Clothes that are too loose can be a tripping hazard when walking or going up steps.

4. Wear warm clothing under if weather calls for it and good fitting, warm shoes. In many areas of the country, Halloween is very cold. The fun doesn’t stop frost-bite or other cold-related health issues from seeping in. Take a break if you need to at a mid-point with a per-arranged home. Stop when you get too tired.

5. Wear reflectors and glow sticks. A single flashlight or glow stick is not enough for cars to see you. Make sure you have a lot of different ways that cars can see you attached to your costume. You may even consider a blinking light such as the ones worn by bicyclists. Drivers, use caution when driving in neighborhoods and watch for children who may dart out in the excitement.

6. Test the makeup you will be applying and always remove it before you head to bed. You don’t want to get this stuff in your eyes and cleaning it off will prevent this,

7. Never enter homes of people whom you do not know. Some will ask you too, especially if it is cold outside, but politely decline. Only Trick-Or-Treat in neighborhoods you know.

8. Leave pets at home. With all the excitement, they may act out, even the best behaved animal.

9. Never eat homemade treats unless you know the person that handed them out well. Inspect your child’s candy. Toss out any that have ripped packaging, or are missing any part of the packaging.

10. Be careful when walking near jack-o-lanterns and other candle illuminated decorations.

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