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#Diet4Rewards ~ My Review of Lunch and Snack!


So, you are trying to eat healthy and don’t have time.  I mean it seems much easier to run out to the local “fast food” restaurants and grab a quick burger ($$) and then hit the vending machine mid-after noon for a small snack ($$) so we can make it home till dinner.  All while not thinking about the cost to our pocket and waist.    I know for me, I am so busy with real life that I forget to take care of me which means the added pounds go on just because I don’t take the time to portion out my meals and I think its faster and easier to eat out.  Well in the long run – it really isn’t good for me.

I’d have to say beside the food tasting awesome, Diet4Rewards actually takes care of me! :-) It let me grab healthy foods without the need to spend hours in the kitchen. I picked out lunch options that seemed to fit into what I like to eat (quick and easy).  My choices were lunchtime favorites like Burgers, Chicken Strips and Spicy Chicken!  I have to say that my favorite was the Spicy Chicken, it was really spicy but tasted just like the the Spicy Chicken from Wendys.


In the afternoon around 3:00 p.m. I usually need a snack so instead of a candy bar, I grabbed one of the snacks I had portioned out from the Diet4Rewards snack choices.  For me, I chose snacks like Sun Dried Peaches, Sun Dried Apple Slices, Sunflower Seeds, Cheese Sticks and Almonds.  Every snack I had was good for me and I didn’t have regrets after eating them.

The taste and flavor of everything I ate was consistent and I didn’t have a bad meal or snack.  It definitely doesn’t taste “packaged”.  I have had packaged meals from different diet programs and most of them do not taste like you are eating a homemade meal and sometimes leave an after taste – or worse you say I sure don’t want to eat that again.  I never had that thought with Diet4Rewards.  After each meal I thought, I can’t wait to try my next item.  Diet4Rewards provides a homemade meal that is quick and easy to make and makes you not feel like you are dieting – so its a win-win.

The nice thing about Diet4Rewards, is that the meal plan is as individualized as you are.  You pick and choose the items you want for each meal. offers several different options between a 5 day, 7 day and 14 day meal plan.  Maybe you are looking to supplement a few meals each week, Diet4Rewards offers an a la carte option just for you. This is truly a way of eating good while getting healthy!  OH don’t forget the fact that you get Rewards to help you celebrate milestones … a nice way to treat yourself.

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Stay tuned for my Dinner Review and Wrap Up!

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