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There are millions of bloggers competing for page hits, readership, and recognition. Finding time to write content, research, complete graphics and design tasks, in addition to whatever responsibilities you have outside the blog can often seem daunting. And this isn’t even taking into consideration the ever-expanding social media aspects of running a successful blog, from moderating comments, running forum(s), Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more. These social media platforms provide more opportunity than ever before to connect with readers, but the downside is that time is stretched tighter than ever before. Being able to streamline and automate where possible becomes more important. One way to do this is with a deal plugin.

A deal plugin has a place in the toolkit of many bloggers, not just the ones who focus on deals, bargains, and the like. Your readers, like everyone else, will like a good bargain, who why not provide them? For instance, a cooking blog could benefit from deal listings that concern cookbooks, utensils and tools, bakeware, and exotic ingredients. A beauty blog would benefit from deals related to specialty stores, brands, types/categories of items (ie eye makeup, moisturizer etc), to name a few. A parenting blog could use the plugin to make categories of deals for toys, books, clothes, and bottles/nursing equipment. The focus and implementation of the deal posts are determined by the blogger.

The plugin allows you to create feeds through multiple merchants, timed interval posts, and there are a number of customization options to ensure that they integrate seamlessly into your blog. By using the plugin you will save tremendous amounts of time while still providing your readers with high-quality content.

Our newest plugin the Shopper’s Haul Extreme Plugin will help you take your blogging to the next level.  Download it below and start your 2 week trial for only $4.99!

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Shopper’s Haul is dedicated to providing quality products to help bloggers efficiently improve their content. Contact us to find out more about our plugins or to suggest a Merchant to add to the plugin.

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