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The Wait is Over – Shopper’s Haul Extreme Plugin


THE WAIT IS OVER! ~ Shopper’s Haul Extreme Plugin!

What is the one thing that all bloggers don’t have??  Enough time!  So many things to do and yet there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.  Many of us turn to hiring assistants to help scrounge the Internet to find the deals which for some of us, means we make little or no profit BUT we have to do it because we need to engage our readers and provide them with the most current deals and/or coupons.

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What is the Shopper’s Haul Extreme Plugin? 

The Extreme Plugin was made with every blogger in mind so that each person no matter what their niche can benefit from unlimited deals without having to pay someone else PLUS the added benefit of doing more in less time.  It is your deal finding expert!  This plugin has the ability to pull images and links from hundreds of different merchants that you choose, thus allowing you the ability to post what you want, when you want.

What merchants does this plugin work in conjunction with currently?

The list is extremely long so we can’t listing them individually but you can find 300+ merchants available with AvantLink (those that provide Deal Feed Capability), EverSave and Plum District (through Impact Radius), 1sale (through CJ or 1sale directly), Walmart (through Linkshare), Hopster (through MySavings or Hopster direct); SmartSource (through SmartSource or MySavings).  We will continue to add merchants as they become available so that your options of pulling different types of deals.

Shopper’s Haul is not affiliated in any way with any of the Merchants or Affiliate Networks.

How much is the Shopper’s Haul Extreme Plugin?

Because we want you to experience the plugin we have created a payment structure that let’s you try it out and experience all it has to offer.

During the initial launch we will be providing a 50% discount.  After the initial launch period, the pricing structure will go to normal pricing.

First 30 days (Single Blog)*

2-week trial – $4.99
Monthly Subscription – $9.99

Installation Available for up to 25 Feeds for $25.00 ~ Choose Installation at registration screen.

If you sign up and subscribe during the initial launch period, your pricing is grandfathered in and will not change as long as you maintain your subscription.  If you cancel your subscription at “launch” pricing you will no longer qualify for the reduced pricing.   

Regular Pricing*

2-week trial – $9.99
Monthly Subscription – $18.99

*Fees are subject to change

The monthly subscription charge covers the costs associated with maintaining and adding feeds to the plugin on a regular basis since there are new merchants and requests we receive each day. Customers who subscribe to the monthly subscription will receive unlimited updates to feeds, merchants and modifications to the plugin at no additional charge.

As with all of our other plugins, we do not charge for customer support for plugin issues – that is something we provide because we do not want you to not have to worry about the little things.

Multiple Blogs – NO problem.  We have a pricing structure in place so that each additional blog costs 1/2 the monthly subscription price but must be paid in order to use the plugin on additional sites.

What does the Shopper’s Haul Extreme Plugin Pull?

This plugin was set up to pull from the different tags provided by the Merchant Data feeds.  We have set the plugin so it will pull only IMAGE and LINK.  Since every blogger is different, you will need to choose which additional tags you want the plugin to pull so you can customize your POST HTML.  Depending on your needs, you can choose to add as much or as little as you want to your post … then personalize before posting.

Where do I get the plugin?

Look no further, you can download the plugin right here!

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Once you install the plugin you will be prompted to start your trial and initiate your payment.  Once payment has been made the plugin will become available for you to use.  If you should decide to cancel the payment or subscription at anytime the plugin will no longer work.  You will need to have an active subscription payment set up in order to benefit from the hundreds of Merchants available.

Member Area

After payment has been initiated from your WordPress dashboard, you will receive an email with your member portal information and login details. This portal is so that you will be able to see your plugin payment history, status of your plugin (active or expired) and also get the latest version of the plugin.

We did not want to slow down the resources of any blogs for future updates that we will be pushing out with new feeds / merchants so we created a way for you to login and access your dashboard where you can always have access to the most current plugin version as well as news and updates.

Remember, if you have questions or need help with this or any of the Shopper’s Haul Plugins you can reach us by submitting a help desk ticket.


or send us an email @

Happy Blogging!



  1. I can’t wait to try this new plugin! This looks like an answer to prayer for many deal bloggers.
  2. This is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. Laurel Cole says:
    When you download this plug in how do you install that file as a plug in our your blog? Do you have instructions?
    • After you install the plugin to your wordpress site through Plugins, Add New, Upload) it will just unzip and go from there. Then we have videos for it to show how it works.

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