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#MamaVoxBox ~ Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese | My Thoughts!

So, who said Mac & Cheese is just for kids? I’m here to say that is so not true. Today for lunch I brought my Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese that I received in my #MamaVoxBox this week and was actually impressed. Because of my busy schedule, I look for products that are healthy, easy to make and taste good. This product had all three of those.

The packaging itself had simple instructions on how to make the microwavable Mac & Cheese and from start to finish it only took me about 3-4 minutes.

This was actually simple enough to make that it would even be great for your kids who use the microwave to cook their meals.

1) Open the package;
2) Add Cold Water to Fill Line and Stir;
3) Microwave for 2 minutes; and
4) Add Cheese Mixture

That’s it, pretty easy and the end result, Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese that tasted really good! I had never had an “organic” Mac & Cheese so I was a little worried, but it actually tasted really good and I would definitely buy this product again.

I was sent this product in exchange for trying it, but the opinion is my own!

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