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Simply Savings | Four Couponing Tips for Beginners!


Coupons are an indispensable part of saving money in today’s economy. If you’re trying to trim up the grocery budget, here are a few tips and answers to help you get started in the world of couponing! You’ll be glad you did.

1) What are manufacturers coupons? You’ll run across these a lot. A manufacturers coupon is released by the product’s manufacturer not by the individual grocery store or chain. The bonus? They’re redeemable at any location that sells the product!

2) Doubling/tripling coupons: Many stores will match a manufacturers coupon for a doubled or tripled savings. The catch? Some require you to join a rewards program or only offer the additional savings on certain days. Check with the store prior to purchasing your items to save you both time and frustration.

3) How should coupons be organized? The best answer to this question is to organize your coupons however makes sense to you. It’s just important that you do organize them to prevent them from expiring before you get the chance to use them. You can arrange them by store, product or expiration date for easy reference.  A great way to do that is to have a coupon organizer.  One of my favorites is the organizer by Divine Savings.  You can save $5.00 off the purchase price by using SHOPPERSHAUL as a coupon at checkout!  I’m sure you’ll love the binder as much as I do!

4) Finding coupons: There are coupons available in the weekly newspaper, magazines, special mailings and on the product manufacturer’s website.

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