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WallJems ~ Product Review Coming Soon!


We moved in January of this year and can you believe it, I still do not have anything on my walls!   The reason for this … simply I am so NOT handy when it comes to decorating.   When I came across the WallJems website recently, I thought that just maybe, putting up a wall decal was something I could actually do!  I spent quite a bit of time checking out all the cute ideas and all the different ways that wall decals make a room look so different.

My 20-year-old son Austin and I picked out a decal that he wanted for his room.  He is a skateboarder himself so we decided on a Skateboarder wall decal.   We received our package this past week and we plan on putting up the decal in the next week or so and we will be posting our experience and show the end result so be sure to stay tuned.

~Visit WallJems for some great decorating ideas~



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What have you done to decorate your walls?  I ‘d love to hear some ideas since we have a whole house to decorate!  Leave a comment below.

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  1. We just moved too. I still don’t have anything up on my walls all of my old photo frames ar e in the box I packed them in. I’m not handy and I hate to put holes in my newly painted walls
  2. These are awesome! I know that my 8 year old would love this in her room!
  3. WallJems sounds like a great resource. When we built our new home…we put in tons of windows so we don’t have much space to put up deco’s. But if I had kids at home I’d definitely check them out!
  4. I’d love to read your review! I’m thinking about getting something like this for my children’s rooms.
  5. Can’t wait to read your review. I’ll have to check them out – sound neat!
  6. These look so pretty! I’m not overly artistic so this sounds like a great alternative. Looking forward to your review.

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