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10 Halloween Costumes – Peter Pan, Candy Corn, Starbucks Cup, Mr. Potato Head & More ~ DIY!

Halloween Costume Collage editedEvery year, I have these grandiose plans of making my daughter the most creative Halloween costume ever. And, every year, I fail. I just never find the time to even make something, much less make something as super creative as some moms I know. Last year, we found a Tootsie Roll costume for her that actually won her a prize in our local kiddie parade AND first place in a costume contest at a local restaurant!

But, this year, I really want to do something more creative. If you’re like me, I’ve got a list here of some great ones, some of which are super easy. I’m totally making the flower pot costume for my daughter this year – it’s ridiculously easy, and I bet it will win her an award again!

Peter Pan – How stinking cute is this costume?? I love that the blog post includes instructions and really breaks down how to make this.

Candy Corn – What is fall (and Halloween) without candy corn?? This little costume is sooo cute!

Owl – The post title calls this a “last minute” costume which, to me, means it’s easy. And, it sure looks like it is! I bet even I could pull this one off!

Mr. Potato Head – This would be a fun costume for Mom and Dad – dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

Flower Pot – This one looks really easy to do. I’m thinking about making this one for my daughter for our local kiddie parade next week!

Starbucks Cup – Oh my goodness, the cuteness! And, this is so clever!

Toy Soldier – Wow – this costume is SO creative! Her son really looks like a toy soldier!

Lego – This would be a fun one to make!

Ghost – How adorable is this tutu ghost costume?? I’m loving this idea for my kiddo!

Puppy – Use a sweat suit to make a puppy costume? Awesome idea!

Which one is your favorite Costume? I’d have to say mine happens to be the Starbucks Cup! You can never go wrong with Starbucks.

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