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Wildlife Explorer Package – $5.95… My Kids LOVE IT!!

I ordered this and I am SO happy that I did! My little ones love the binoculars and flashlight and are always going on an adventure with them now! The Wildlife Explorer Package is perfect for your child, no matter the age! My youngest likes looking at the cards and my oldest likes hearing all about the animals! The pictures are excellent, this is just an awesome pack and right now you can get the WILDLIFE EXPLORER PACKAGE FOR ONLY $5.95 (an $82 value)!!!! Here’s what you’ll get:
· 36 AMAZING Wildlife Explorer® Cards
· Fun, adventure and learning for you and your child
· FREE Binoculars, Compass and Flashlight
· Stunning, up-close pictures & rare facts of dozens of animals
· Plus FREE Shipping
· Not available in stores

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