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Saving Money is downright sexy!

Showing your new love interest that you can manage money is not just a smart move it’s downright sexy. Who wants to go into a relationship knowing that the other person is in debt up to their eyeballs or that their finances are a mess? Let’s face it, even in the newest of relationships finances do matter. Poor spending is an indication that the person doesn’t manage their fiancés well and when we are looking for our soul mate we at least subconsciously care about how they manage their money. The amount of money you spend on a date venue isn’t as important as how much fun you two have while on the date. Finding frugal ways to enjoy each others time will in the end create a sense of financial responsibility which is important to any serious relationship.

If you are friends with someone who owns a business see if they will allow you to go there for free, offer to house sit for them when they go on vacation or mow their yard one day next month in exchange for the freebie. By bartering with your friend you will have the opportunity to have tickets in hand before your date shows up which will prevent the awkwardness of disclosing you are working off the date.

Wine is the drink of choice for many fine dining establishments but wine doesn’t have to stay at the dinner table. Splurge on a good bottle and have dinner at your house and watch a movie or if it’s your first date have dinner at a local park. If a picnic isn’t in the weather cards check out wine tasting.

Many big cities have beautiful gardens that you can purchase discounts tickets for by going through a daily deal site. A day at one of these gardens is far less money than a night out at an expensive restaurant and it will give the two of you something to talk about. To find a garden near you just look in the yellow pages of your phone book or search online using keywords like gardens near (insert zip code).

Bowling alleys are inexpensive, fun and as a bonus you get to see how competitive your date is. This activity is also a great first date activity because the competiveness of the game will loosen both of you up and get you talking more. You can learn a lot from a person’s competitive nature but be warned; some dates can be sore losers! Bowling is also good exercise since you are bending, stooping and constantly on the move as you take turn at the bowling pins, so you can skip your exercise routine for the night.

Attend a cooking or beer making class. You can do a general search using Google or other search engine to find local classes or call your parks and recreation to see what their selection is. These classes are relatively inexpensive but are loads of fun.

Horseback riding is an excellent second date choice. At this point, you’ve already been through the first date so you are probably more comfortable being alone with the person but if you aren’t yet comfortable there are group riding at most horse lesson farms. Horseback riding lets you see if your date likes animals and being outdoors. If you learn they aren’t outdoor enthusiasts you’ll know to plan something different on the next date.

A great way to learn about a person is by having them volunteer at a food bank, shelter or other cause, it’s also a great first date because you learn very quickly if your date is compassionate or not and by knowing this ahead of time it may save you from pursuing someone you won’t be compatible with. Call ahead and make arrangements. For many non profits you will likely be required to undergo a background check but there are opportunities for those who are just looking to volunteer on a spur of the moment call.

Once a year the department of Fish and Wildlife will have a free fishing day and they often have fishing poles for you to use at the site and have already stocked the lake with fish for easier catch. The Depart of Fish and Wildlife sometimes have other free events to attend.

If you’ve already known your date or have an idea of his or her humor tolerance try a date night at a comedy club, just be careful not to purchase tickets for front seats if you know your date can’t take the heat. Comedy clubs have tickets for a variety of prices and you can find deals on them all the time by looking at Groupon.

Paintball is an awesome activity for a first date; you get to see how well they take risks, if they can think fast on their feet and how they handle a gun all at the same time. Something to note though, never take a date on a paintball adventure without warning them ahead of time. The paint ruins your clothes and women especially, will not be pleased with a surprise paintball match.

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