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A Coupon Plugin or Deal Plguin For My Blog??

Coupon Plugin

There is a coupon plugin or deal plugin for WordPress blogs? Really?

Bloggers around America rejoice! Gone are the days of searching for hours on end for coupons and deals to post to your blog.  No more do we have to stay up until 3 am because our content has suffered due to our relentless coupon and deal searching. Why not plug in these amazing plugins and be on your way to concentrating on what’s really important – the content on your blog!

The Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin and Shopper’s Haul Deal Plugins are both really simple to use and pretty much plug-and-play.  Not only will you get help with your installation if needed from us here at Shopper’s Haul, you will get some amazing benefits after installation is complete.  You will Save Time and Make Money!  The plugins are truly designed for ease of use so any blogger, anywhere can reap the rewards.

Make sure to do your homework and checkout the different types of plugins available.  Checkout the comparison chart to read about the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze available packages.  Also be sure to checkout the Deal Plugin and Roundup Plugin too.

Like so many bloggers, you really won’t regret your purchase, not only will you be able to pull more bargain hunters into your site, your revenue will go up because you’re spending time writing content and less time searching for deals. It’s exciting and it’s about time!

Remember, the whole idea of the Shopper’s Haul Plugins work around the clock 24/7, so you can take time for you and your family, or work on creating other content for your blog. Join the rest of the bloggers who have realized “they can’t live without the plugins”

Visit our online plugin store to find out more or to purchase your plugin. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins can help you find more time in the day! Shopper’s Haul is dedicated to providing quality products to help bloggers Save Time and Make Money!

Want to see a Coupon Demo Site – stop by and visit

To access the Demo Portion of this site so you can see the posts you can log in and look around.  Due to access restrictions you will be able to review the posts but not see the plugins.  I have categorized each plugin’s posts so you can see which posts come from which plugin.

Username: Demo

Password: demo1234

This website is currently running using the following plugins:

  • Platinum Coupon Plugin – works with
  • Ecoupon Plugin – works with Savingstar
  • Coupon Plugin – works with Coupon Network
  • Extreme Plugin – works with Smartsource and Hopster

Feel free to ask any questions you have — but it is possible to have all your coupons post while you are at work, at the beach, on vacation….working around the clock for you!

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