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How Readers & Bloggers Grow Their Savings Even More!


Does $1825 sound like a lot of money to you? It does to most people. How much time would it take  you to earn this much spendable cash? No doubt, there would be a considerable amount of time trade-off after tax issues figure into the equation. There is, however, a way that practically anyone can use to add at least this much to their income each year.

If people could save just five dollars per day, in a year’s time, their bank accounts could increase by that amount, or even more!

People throughout the country have become more conscious of how using coupons can help them spend less out-of-pocket cash on their grocery store, drug store, retail store, and service purchases.

We’ve all known the pleasure of coming across just the right coupon at just the right time on a product and being able to use it to get a huge discount or free item.

The dilemma, of course, is that most of the coupons we come across in fliers, in the newspaper, or in our mail boxes are ones for goods and services we have no intention of buying. So we flip the page or toss the flier into the trash. Valuable, money-saving coupons go unused.

The Internet has literally exploded with easy-to-download, printable, and even digital coupons. If there’s a product or service being offered out there in Internet Land, chances are there’s a heavily discounted coupon to go along with it.

Savvy website owners or bloggers have discovered the many benefits of placing coupons, or other deals on their sites or in their newsletters to add value to the reader’s experience. They also enjoy the income generated by placing these coupons or deals on their websites.

The problem remains just how to find these coupons. Perusing the Internet, performing Google searches, and spending hours at the computer just to dredge up current coupons on grocery items can absorb large amounts of your time. All too soon, you find yourself working so hard to offer that extra money-saving promotion that other projects on your site suffer.

There is, however, a better way.

Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins can be installed on any WordPress website to help readers save time and money!  After the simple installation, the Plugins work around the clock to scour the Internet for coupons and deals. You can tailor which coupons or deals you want to feature with very little or no effort on your part.  Just think – you can now get all the best coupons and deals while spending little or no time doing it.

Your time can be better spent creating useful content for your site readers. You can, and do, make it easier for your readers to put extra money into their bank accounts by taking advantage of various Internet offers and coupons and you get to Save Time and Make Money!

Visit our online plugin store to find out more or to purchase your plugin. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins can help you help your readers grow their savings and save you time!

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  1. I don’t currently do deals or coupons, but this definitely sounds like a great plugin to help those who do.
  2. Definitely sounds like a great way to save and user friendly!

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