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Logitech Harmony Universal Remote ~ Program Up To 15 Devices – $149.99 (ends 5/17)


How many times do you lose your remote?  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.   Have you ever needed the remote for one thing only to find the wrong remote?  It’s my life!  Right now you can replace all your remotes with the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote! This one remote allows you to program up to i15 different devices!

It’s easy to set it up too, all you need to do is connect it to your computer and follow the prompts.  Another nice feature is that the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote has a color touch screen that is easy to navigate and even has backlit buttons that make it easy for you to see in the dark.  Oh yeah, another awesome feature…you can set up to 50 , yep 50 of your favorite channels!  Talk about an awesome gift for Father’s Day… your “man” will love this!

To take advantage of this offer click the “WIRELESS” tab! 

Buy Your Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Today for $149.99! - Great Deals, Just 24 Hours

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