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The Ultimate Easter Craft Kit – ♥ Make Gifts From the Heart! ♥

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In many households, crafts are part of holiday celebrations. They are a great way to teach children about the holiday and keep them occupied as well. Putting together an Easter themed craft kit will keep you prepared for those moments where something is needed to keep small hands busy.

Here are some items your craft kit should include:

Crayons or Markers
Easter stickers
Glue sticks
Cardstock and construction paper
Regular white paper
Craft scissors
Easter stencils
Easter stamps and ink
Foam shapes, small pompoms, googly eyes, etc.
Ribbon or yarn scraps

The craft kit is generally fairly easy to put together and can be done very affordably using times from your local dollar store and discount outlets. It helps to have a good idea of the age group that will be using the kit. Younger children will prefer crayons and stickers while older children may prefer glitter glue, markers and fancy edge scissors. Older children will be able to come up with dozens of craft ideas from this selection of craft times, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Easter Bookmarks – Cut cardstock into 6×2î strips and use a hole punch to put a hole at the top of each bookmark. Your child can decorate their bookmarks using items from the kit and a ribbon or yarn scrap can be added through the hole at the top to finish it off. Help your child pick an appropriate verse to include on their bookmark in keeping with the Easter theme. These bookmarks can be for their own use, or given as gifts to friends or grandparents.

Easter Cards – Cards are another simple craft idea that can also be used to create gifts for grandparents or other family members. Younger children may need help cutting and folding the cardstock which can then be decorated using the items in the kit. For an extra touch, try other shapes: egg shaped cards, cross shaped cards, etc.

If your child is going to be giving their cards to friends and family, envelopes offer additional craft options. You may want to provide basic envelopes for younger children to decorate, or print out templates for older children to make their own envelopes. You can find envelope templates from many online scrapbook and craft sites.

Easter Journals – An Easter journal is really a craft within a craft. Children will enjoy creating their journals, and can later use them for entertainment as well. To start off, create a cover using folded cardstock and inside pages using regular white paper. Help your child staples the pages together. Your child can then decorate the cover of their journal using the items in the kit.

These journals can be used as coloring pages to keep your child busy during family gatherings or on long drives between gatherings. They can also serve as a place for your child to write about their Easter celebrations, making a great keepsake to look back at in years to come. Older teens may want to use their journals as a special place to journal during their devotional time over the Easter holiday.

Remember giving gifts to people that are handmade always mean so much to the person receiving them – it truly is a gift from the heart!

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