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Calling All Coupon Bloggers – Shopper’s Haul Platinum Coupon Plugin!


Are you familiar with the Shopper’s Haul Plugins?  If not – then you are missing out on the ability to walk away from your computer and still make money!  If you haven’t tried the Shopper’s Haul Plugins, you are missing out!  Shopper’s Haul is all about helping make bloggers lives easier.  I’ve had customers tell me – that the plugins have even made blogging FUN again!  I mean – we all know blogging is a lot of work and tedious but there is never enough time in the day to do it all…and still have a life!    We’ve created a way that you no longer have to manually post printable coupons, deals or roundups manually!  WOW… just imagine how much time of the day you can have to focus on other things.

We are thrilled to launch our newest update to our Coupon plugin.  The Shopper’s Haul Platinum Coupon Plugin.  This plugin was created because customers asked for some extra features that would help make them even MORE profitable while being able to post more printable coupons with as little effort as possible – imagine that!

The Shopper’s Haul Platinum Coupon Plugin is the top of the line coupon plugin. It has everything you could possible imagine and more!

Some features of this plugin are:

  • Ability to use original RSS Feed without the need to switch to other affiliates;
  • Ability to post coupons to your Saving Center and keep readers on your site without redirecting them;
  • Ability to Limit the Printable Coupons that are released to 1 at a time;
  • Timed Interval Posting (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes etc);
  • Scheduling Next Recurrence of Posts (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • Unlimited Rotation of Titles;
  • Ability to create a “standard” HTML post for each coupon / roundup feed;
  • Ability to Pull and create individual printable coupon posts;
  • Ability to Pull and create Daily, Weekly, Monthly Roundup of all coupons that released without the need to pull individual posts;
  • Ability to have multiple feeds to allow you the ability to repost earlier released printable coupons;
  • Ability to post to draft or publish immediately;
  • Ability to manually add and change links for ANY Affiliate that offers coupons from the Manage Affiliates Tab;
  • Rotation of Affiliates – how many affiliate companies are you part of? Well if your part of more then one network that promotes the coupon companies – it means you get emails from many of them them with the latest coupons and links to the coupons which include your affiliate link. That’s where the work starts – you have to pick and choose which network / coupons you are going to put on your blog. With the plugin – all that manual work has now become automated. The plugin does for you in seconds what you did manually! :-)
  • Ability to choose the category for each post;
  • Tags automatically populate from coupon feed categories;
  • Ability to add Banner/ HTML to header of each Roundup;
  • Ability to add Text / Advertising to footer of each post or Roundup; and
  • We have also restricted “prescription, FDA approved, medication, drugs, liquor, alcohol and beer” from the feed so you should not get these coupons.

Checkout a sample coupon post generated by the Shopper’s Haul Platinum Coupon Plugin HERE!

Checkout a sample roundup post generated by the Shopper’s Haul Platinum Coupon Plugin HERE!

What are you waiting for???  Stop wasting hours of day on manually cutting and pasting coupons on your site!  Grab the Shopper’s Haul Platinum Coupon Plugin Today and start Saving Time and Making Money automatically!

Pricing for the Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugins start as low as $15.99!  :-)  Make sure you don’t miss out!



NOTE:  If you are a current Coupon Plugin customer we do provide an UPGRADE fee instead of needing to repurchase the plugin.  Please send an email to with the word PLATINUM UPGRADE in the subject and we will get back to you with a coupon code after we verify your initial purchase.

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