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Save Money On Canned Soda…Get a #SodaStream!

SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA

I Love, Love, Love my SodaStream maker!  Need I say more??

SodaStream offers so many different flavors that it makes everyone in my household happy!  On top of it – it helps us save money on the cost of “canned soda”.  Its pretty crazy when you stop to think about it – how much a case of soda costs.  This way, I don’t have to pay those awful prices … and on top of it, I always have a variety of beverages in my house instead of the same “case of soda”.  I actually just tried the Crystal Light beverage and I’d have to say it was great.

On top of saving me money on “canned soda” the SodaStream is sleek and stylish – so I don’t mind it being on my counter in my kitchen – its about the size of a coffee maker and transforms water into fresh, fizzy seltzer/sparkling water at the push of a button!  The SodaStream also operates without batteries, electricity or plumbing, so it is so simple to use and you can take it along with you if you are traveling on a boat or RV.

What Are You Waiting For??  Get your SodaStream today!

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