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Blogging is a really hard job and many people don’t realize it. I know that I used to think it was SO easy…because it looked easy. Well boy was I wrong. When I started blogging it was a way for me to share with my friends and family a new way of life for us…using coupons to save money. Who would have thought that coupon clipping was the easy part…finding time to post all the deals and coupons (before they expire) takes a ton of time … and it seemed with my already busy schedule as a wife, mom and full-time patent and trademark paralegal blogging ended up becoming very stressful for me because I felt like I was missing all the best coupons and deals.

Being busy doesn’t take away from the fact that I love blogging and finding deals…but like any normal person (blogger or not) sometimes life gets in the way. That meant I didn’t have the time to post or I could post very little…so I started to stress. I stressed because I felt like I couldn’t keep up. I would then force myself to sit and try to post some of the “HOT” printable coupons or deals and while posting I would find out that I was already too late and they expired! This was just so frustrating! I just had to find a way to fix this problem for me and every other blogger out there…because we all needed to work “smarter not harder”.  Some of us wanted to spend more time with our families, while others wanted to spend more time focusing on blog content, and a few of us just wanted to find some time to do nothing!! What a thought…take time for yourself.

Fast forward to were we are today…Shopper’s Haul™ PluginsIt started with a dream I had. I needed to stay current with the newest printable coupons and deals without having to post them manually myself because I didn’t have time. I guess I was thinking, why should I pay someone to post printable coupons and deals when that particular task is something that can be automated without the help of anyone. The rationale behind the Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins is that not only will the Plugins save you time…they will also let you make money. I know there are other plugins out there and they do put individual coupons on your blog..but what they don’t do, is allow you to get paid for the coupon prints unless you edit each individual coupon. I guess in my mind, taking time to put my own links in them is time I don’t have available – so that didn’t work for me.

Shopper’s Haul’s goal is to help bloggers automate some of the daily tasks that takes them hours of their day to manually cut and paste printable coupons and deal images on their blogs.  Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins has truly changed the way many bloggers blog. That’s right, us bloggers can now auto-post printable coupons, deals and roundups with little or no effort while we put our time and energy into other things, whether it be our home life, our children, our job, our blog or just taking time for ourselves – there is now time for everything.

Many bloggers have told me that the plugins have changed their lives and they would be lost without them posting printable coupons and deals on their blogs, while others have told me that the Plugins let them work “Smarter Not Harder!”

From a few of our customers:

D.C. – Florida “Time is money”. “You have to spend money to make money”. “Scared money don’t make money”. I am sure that everyone has heard those sayings. OK, maybe not the last one (unless you are a blackjack player). While they may be cliché, they are also true. Having taken a detour through the business world before arriving in “Blogville USA”, I possess a different perspective than many of my peers. I am not a blogger trying to figure out the business end, I am a business person trying to figure out the blogging. I challenge our team daily to stay ahead of the technology curve in an effort to work smarter, not harder. We have a fiduciary duty to our readers to give them up to the minute information. Who am I kidding? It’s do or die. Either we hit the streets with the deal first, or someone else will beat us to the punch. Before I purchased the Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugins, I would literally have a team of people scouring zip codes for new coupons to drop. We would also search the affiliate networks to see which direct links were showing up so that we could be the first to post them. Coupon prints are our lifeblood and we dedicated the resources to prove it! I knew there had to be a better way, but I was just not savvy enough to figure it out. Thankfully, I was introduced to the Shopper’s Haul coupon plugins and bought into the concept immediately. After only a few minutes, I knew that this was exactly what my site needed. Now, instead of hunting for new printable coupons all day, I can strategically post higher revenue deals that appeal to our readership. The best part, youask? I actually increased our coupon print revenue in the process! I don’t know how I can thank you enough. You have given our team more time with our families. You have given us a an opportunity to diversify our revenue-generating content. You have doubled the revenue generated by our core competency. Fo those three things, humbly thank you and encourage anyone that is on the fence to dive in head first. You won’t regret it for a minute

S.R. – New Jersey – The deal plugin is another amazing gem. It is amazing absolutely amazing with what you can do with it. The possibilities are endless and I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg. I can make lists of free helpful kindle books for my readers in seconds. What would have taken me 20 min takes me literally seconds. It is amazing and my readers love these lists!  I am also able to stay on top of hot sales and deals and post way more variety for my readers.  Now that I have this plugin I have tons and tons of great money saving and useful deals to promote to my readers, that I never would have had time to promote before. I am seriously amazed at all you can do with this plugin and how easy it is to use.  My blog is going to rock this summer, while I am at the beach with my kids, because of this plugin.

S.P. Arkansas – The Coupon Plug In is a dream come true!! I use to feel chained to the computer trying to be sure each and every coupon got posted, searching zip codes in etc. I literally spent more time doing that than anything else with my Blog. Then I got the Coupon Plug In I can not express strongly enough how nice it has been every day since! I rarely think about my coupons posting anymore!! The peace of mind of knowing each and every coupon is being posted automatically, when I want it to, without fail!! I still get a happy surprised feeling when I go to my Facebook page or Blog and see a coupon posted 😀 It has changed Blogging for me 100% I now have time to truly focus on the content of my Blog and the true direction I want my Blog to take. I can spend time with my Family!! It has just changed everything about the world of Blogging as I knew it! I will end with this, I am currently going through some ongoing health issues and some days I just CAN NOT be up out of bed to do anything, It has been a true lifesaver for me now! I do not lay there and worry about my Blog because I know there is still activity, I am still having posts post and I am still making money even though I am stuck in bed!!!  I should tell you also my commissions from just coupons alone have TRIPLED with this Plug In!!! It payed for itself the first week! I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT and in truth have redone my whole Blog when there was a clash with my theme and the Plug In, YES it is just that valuable to me!!

Now think about it, how much do you pay for someone to post deals and printable coupons for a month?  Many people have told me they have replaced the work of 1-2 VAs by the use of the Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins!!  That means you get to keep the money you would otherwise pay out to a VA!  YEAH!! :-)

Shopper’s Haul is thrilled to be part of changing the way bloggers blog!!  If you haven’t yet joined the many bloggers who have started using the Shopper’s Haul™ Plugins it is really simple…Grab Your Shopper’s Haul Plugins Today and get some of your life back!  We love every one of our bloggers and look forward to the great things ahead to help them all Save Time and Make Money!



  1. I didn’t know about any of these options. Coupons usually go away when I’m in a time crunch. Good to know that this plug in is available to get money savings and time savings. Great article.
  2. So true!! I too have the Shopper’s Haul plug ins. They are amazing. So great, save me a ton of time. I love them! Blog saver!! :)
  3. Blogging is definitely a time consuming passion! Thank you for this great plug in!
  4. I have the Shoppers Haul Plugin and it’s a real time saver! This makes it much easier to share fantastic coupons with my viewers!
  5. I totally love the idea of this plugin and would so purchase it if I were to go back to deal blogging. One of the reasons I transitioned my blog away from deals over a year ago is because it just took too much time!
  6. This is the first I have heard about this plugin. Boy, I could really use it. How about another one reading emails.

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