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Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin – Coupons and Catalinas!

Wow…who would have thought coupons and catalinas could be so much fun!!  Shopper’s Haul now has coupon plugins that work, SavingStar and Coupon Network!

I love seeing the great deals provided by Coupon Network — and even more importantly I love the fact that they post automatically to my blog!!  Its been such a wonderful thing having coupons post even when I am busy with life and work.  I no longer have to feel conflicted because I can’t post the latest coupon before it expires…NOW I can!!

We are launching our 3rd Plugin that works with Impact Radius (Coupon Network).  This Plugin pulls the Coupons and Catalinas directly from Coupon Network as they post and they automatically get posted to your blog.  As with the other plugins we’ve created you have the same great features.  You will get a plugin that works with the Coupons and a second plugin that works with the Catalinas.  If you choose note to use the Catalina plugin – you can just not install it.

==> Option to choose DO NOT SWAP AFFILIATE – This lets you use original affiliate from coupon feed;

==> Option to auto-rotate affiliates automatically so each coupon has a different affiliate link (works with Impact Radius and MySavings).  To get individually clipped coupons you must use your IMPACT RADIUS ID – otherwise it takes you to the landing page for MYSAVINGS.

==> Daily Coupon Roundup – with adjustable Coupon Roundup Time plus if there are no coupons – there is no roundup;

==> First Run Option of 100;

==> Multiple Coupon Categories;

==> Tags (you can manually enter tags);

==> Rotating Titles (customizable by blog owner) up to 10 different titles. Each coupon as it pulls will pull from the list of 10;

==> Customizable HTML;

==> Automatically scheduling of coupons to pull every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours; and

==> Post to Draft (and manually post later) or Publish Immediately (no effort by you).

Here is a sample Coupon Network Post for a YourBucks Catalina  and here is a sample of a Coupon Network Coupon.  Remember you get to customize these posts to match your style

Join the rest of the bloggers who have gained back some of their life while making money without any effort!

The first of the month for many is a dreaded chore because there are so many coupons released – now, its an awesome thing to wake up to 25-30 coupons posted automatically to my blog without any effort from me.

We are here to support you through the whole install process and have a Facebook Group for you to ask your questions and get support – and most importantly be one of the many people who are posting the coupons without any effort!

The Coupon Network Coupon Plugin is launching 10/1 and will be priced at an introductory price of $25.99 (Use Coupon Code CPNNETWORK at checkout)


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