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What Would You Do With a FREE SmartPhone?

Wouldn’t you love to get a Smartphone for FREE??  Right now you can sign up for NCP (National Consumer Panel) and see if you get selected to be one of their grocery scanners!! I’ve been a member for a few months and its just part of ur normal grocery process now – so not only am I saving money by couponing – I am getting rewards for scanning my stockpile each week!!.  Our normal process now is that we go shopping and then scan everything before we put it away. Actually hubby takes care of the scanning :-) and putting away the groceries!

With all your scanning you get points that you get to cash in for great prizes. I hear that some of the members recently received FREE SmartPhones to test and keep.

Make sure to sign up to see if you get selected to participate – you may just be one of those who get a FREE SmartPhone!

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