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FREE eBook – Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies From Home!!

Every year the Girl Scouts come to my house…they just know I’ll buy their cookies because our family loves them.  The only thing is the cookies are so expensive – I remember when the boxes were actually $2.00 a box!!   I will still buy from the Girl Scouts (because it is a great program) but I would like to have my favorite cookies all year long.  The great part is, now I can make some of my favorite recipes right from home!!   My favorite cookies are the Thin Mints and my husbands are the Samoa and both of them are in this e-book so now I can enjoy my favorite Girl Scout cookies without paying $4.00 a box!

Grab your  FREE eCookbook that has 8 Types of Girl Scout Cookies, featuring 13 pages of different varieties of Girl Scout cookies!!

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