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Want to Get Paid MORE??? Of Course You Do!!

How simple has your life gotten because you can auto-post coupons?  Well let me tell you, I don’t worry half as much as I used to because my blog always has the latest coupons from Brandcaster (  Well it get’s even better!!

Shopper’s Haul now offers a Coupon Plugin that works with Saving Star!!  Some readers don’t like to cut coupons so now they have a choice – they can get electronic Coupons — people can save money on every day purchases by loading their loyalty card — and the best thing …with Saving Star you get cash back from them in gift card or paypal so it really is a win-win!

This Coupon Plugin will post coupons from the Saving Star RSS Feed from Impact Radius within seconds of being released. You will get the same awesome features you’ve learned to love and can’t do without!!

Here are the awesome features:

1) Option to choose DO NOT SWAP AFFILIATE – This lets you use Impact Radius without swapping to another affiliate (this will provide you with a direct link to the clipped coupon).

2) Ability to swap out automatically coupon affiliate networks to one of several choices (My Savings, CPADNA or Impact Radius).  To get clipped coupons you must use the DO NOT SWAP feature – all other affiliate IDs take you to the Saving Star landing page.  (As affiliates become available we will update them).

3) Option to auto-rotate affiliates automatically – This will let you check a box that says Multiple Affiliates. By putting a checkmark in the “Multiple Affiliate” box – the plugin will automatically rotate through your affiliate links listed and start over again for each coupon it pulls. (i.e. 1 coupon, 1 affiliate; 2nd coupon, 2nd affiliate).

4) Daily Coupon Roundup Post (every 24 hours) listing all of the coupons that printed within the last 24 hours!  IF no coupons release – then no roundup is posted so you won’t have an empty post! :-)

You also get the following features:

==> Ability to swap out automatically coupon affiliate networks to one of seven choices (My Savings, CPADNA or Impact Radius) (As affiliates become available we will update them).
==> First Run of 100 (will pull back coupons for you up to 100).
==> Tags (let’s you input your tags).
==> Rotating Titles (customizable by blog owner) up to 10 different titles. Each coupon as it pulls will pull from the list of 10.
==> Customizable HTML.
==> Automatically scheduling of coupons to pull every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

Here is a sample of a coupon and roundup that posted from the Saving Star RSS feed:

New Electronic #Coupon! Starbucks®

Did You Load Your Loyalty Card??

What are you waiting for — right now you can grab the Coupon Plugin #2 for only $10.99 using coupon code SAVINGSTAR.  This Plugin will be regulary priced at $15.99 but for the next 30 days we will be selling it at an introductory price…so don’t miss out!

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