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And You Thought It Couldn’t Get Better… Life Just Got Easier!

WOW…who would have a thought a little old Plugin would make such a difference??  80 coupons released in minutes and I didn’t have to post one single one!!  Now that is what I call working smarter not harder!!

I mean in reality, I guess you don’t realize how much time you are spending cutting and pasting coupons on your blog only to find you didn’t make all that much for coupon prints – how frustrating is that!  I mean we have to do it…we are deal bloggers right?  We need coupons.  If you add up the hours I used to spend posting coupons and the money I made from them, I was probably in the hole!   I think I gave up a lot of the time and decided it wasn’t worth doing.

Well all that has changed for me as well as lot of other bloggers.  Now you can have more coupons on your site then you ever imagined and to think it happens automatically.  This allows you more opportunity to make more money.  When I was posting only 3-4 coupons a day because I work full-time, I was lucky if I made anything.  Now, because my PLUGIN posts all the coupons as they release I do much better on coupon prints – the plugin has paid for itself in only a matter of weeks.

I guess, you are probably skeptical because you just can’t believe a little old Plugin can do so much but it really does.  It started because of a need of my own and I realized that there were many people just like me that also needed help freeing up some time.  The nice part is the PLUGIN works really hard while you don’t have to!!

The Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin has so many features I get excited just thinking about it.  Here are the options in a nutshell.  I’ve listed next to the item which version the options come in…so you can determine which price and options work best!

1. Able to swap out automatically coupon affiliate networks to one of three choices (My Savings, Escalate, Logical Media) (Silver and Bronze)

2. Able to swap out automatically coupon affiliate networks to one of seven choices (My Savings, Escalate, Logical Media, CPADNA, CJ and Panthera) (As affiliates become available we will update them); (Gold)

2. First Run Option of 10 or 100; (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

3. Multiple Coupon Categories; (Gold)

4. Tags (automatically populated from coupon feed) (i.e. frozen foods, baby products etc); (Gold)

5. Brand (automatically populated from coupon feed) (Gold)

6. Rotating Titles (customizable by blog owner) up to 10 different titles.  Each coupon as it pulls will pull from the list of 10; (Gold)

7. Customizable HTML; (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

8. Automatically scheduling of coupons to pull every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours; and (Gold, Silver, Bonze)

8) Daily Coupon Roundup Post (every 24 hours) listing all of the coupons that printed within the last 24 hours! (Gold)

To make sure this is affordable to everyone, we have set different price structures available based on the features you get.  It really is about helping people Save Time And Make Money!!

Check out a sample coupon post HERE!

Check out the Daily Coupon Roundup HERE!

Pricing for the Plugin (features are broken down above)

Gold Plugin – $35.99

Silver Plugin – $25.99

Bronze Plugin – $20.99

Don’t wait … get your Coupon Plugin Today and be on your way to Saving Time and Making Money – you’ll be glad you did!

Testimonials (more coming)!!

Visit Money Saving Parent and how this plugin has helped her manage being a mommy and a blogger.

Visit Shawnie’s Samples and Savings and see how the plugin has given her the ability spend more time with her family and is able to concentrate more quality content for her blog!



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