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Save Time and Make Money – Get Your Coupon Plugin!

Time is money!!  It often seems that many of us are short on time and we often wish there were a few more hours in the day!!   Posting coupons is time consuming but such a vital part of coupon / deal blogging!!  My blog wouldn’t be the same without the coupons.  I mean after all, coupons is how I cut my grocery bill from $1200 a month to $400 a month!

Every day I was spending HOURS cutting and pasting coupons on my blog.  I guess I didn’t really realize how much time I was spending until I stopped doing it.  The worse part was all the hours spent to make close to nothing.  If you add up the hours I used to spend posting coupons and the money I made from them, I was probably in the hole!

Well all that has changed for me as well as lot of other bloggers.  Now you can have more coupons on your site then you ever imagined and to think it happens automatically.  This allows you more opportunity to make more money.  I used to miss coupons every day…now my blog is one of the first to have the “latest” coupon because the PLUGIN posts the coupons as they release.  Not only do I always have new coupons…I make more money!!   So its a definite win-win for me.

I guess, you are probably skeptical because you just can’t believe a little old Plugin can do so much but it really does.  It all started because of a need of my own and I realized that there were many people just like me that also needed help freeing up some time.  The nice part is the PLUGIN works really hard while you don’t have to!!

The Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin has so many features I get excited just thinking about it.   Here are the great awesome features:

  • Option to choose DO NOT SWAP AFFILIATE – This lets you use original affiliate from coupon feed;
  • Option to auto-rotate affiliates automatically so each coupon has a different affiliate link:
  • Daily Coupon Roundup – with adjustable Coupon Roundup Time plus if there are no coupons – there is no roundup;
  • First Run Option of 100;
  • Multiple Coupon Categories;
  • Tags (automatically populated from coupon feed) (i.e. frozen foods, baby products etc);
  • Rotating Titles (customizable by blog owner) up to 10 different titles. Each coupon as it pulls will pull from the list of 10;
  • Customizable HTML; and
  • Automatically scheduling of coupons to pull every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

WOW…I told you I’m excited about this plugin!!  Every day I am so thankful that I have this plugin on my site – because it gives me a chance to focus on other things I am working on.

Check out a sample coupon post HERE!

Check out the Daily Coupon Roundup HERE!

Don’t wait … get your Coupon Plugins Today and be on your way to Saving Time and Making Money – you’ll be glad you did!


  1. If you are a blogger I highly recommend getting this plugin! I cannot begin to tell you how helpful it has been time wise and stats wise. I was seriously thinking of closing my blog due other projects and going back to school, thanks to Marianne and the Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plugin, I don’t have to feel stressed for time. What are you waiting for? Scroll up and order this awesome coupon plugin!
  2. Shopper’s Haul? You’re my new best friend. 😛

    Seriously? This thing is great! Makes my life so much easier! Thanks for making it!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this plugin!! Working full time during the day leaves little time for me to chase after coupons and now I don’t have to worry about them. When a new coupon is released, it’s automatically posted to my blog. Did I mention that I love this plugin?
  4. This plugin is an answer to my prayers, literally! I am so excited that I won’t miss posting a coupon, because I am at work, or eating dinner with my family. If you are a deal or coupon blogger, this plugin is a MUST.
    I am so super excited about this time saver, money-maker of a plugin. It will pay for itself in no time!
    Seriously, thank you Marianne and Shopper’s Haul for coming up with this and making it available at such a great price!
  5. This is such a time saver!! I am totally in love with it! I would highly recommend this to any coupon or fugal blogger!
  6. I wanted to see it in action first, but “Page not found”.

    “Checkout one of my posts that published within 15 minutes of the coupon becoming available!!”

  7. As a full-time working mom, part-time blogger this has been a super addition to my blog. Now I can focus more on deals and other articles because I know the newest coupons are always automatically posting. I especially like that you can customize the look for your own site. You can make the price of the plugin back in no-time so it’s definitely worth it! My blog is all about saving money, time, and stress and the Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plug-in gets 2 thumbs up in all three categories!
  8. I love this plugin! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I started my coupon blog. Not only does it post the coupons for me, but its helped increase my fan interaction on my facebook page! Thank you for this, It is such a big help :)
  9. I just started using this plug in a few hours ago. I have made a little money so far. I love the fact I will not miss coupon post any more. I work full time and I miss so many updates and post because of my work schedule. Marianne is one smart lady to have come up with this brilliant idea. I am new to word press this week matter of fact and this plug in is one reason I wanted to move. I am very happy even with the few hours I have used it.
  10. I love this plugin. Marianne and her people are very smart to have come up with this! This is a deal bloggers dream come true!! Thank you
  11. I can not say enough how impressed I am with this Plug In!! It is truly a stroke of genius! I have been happily surprised several times in the last couple of days to go to my Facebook page and see Hey there is a coupon post and I didn’t have to do a thing! The peace of mind of knowing that every coupon is being posted and that each and every post looks exactly the way I want it too. I have several times gone and scrolled my coupon category on my blog and been so happy at how neat and professional EVERY coupon post looks!
    I love that their are so many ways that you can customize and tweak it, it has also allowed me to walk away from my computer a bit more through out the day because I know it is posting for me :P. To be honest I also take a bit of pride in knowing that the coupons are being posted as soon as they are released, every coupon and deal blogger knows that timing is EVERYTHING.
    I STRONGLY suggest that you get this plug in, it is such a good investment and actually a bit under priced in my opinion!! I would have paid more for the advantages this has given me, Don’t wait another single minute get yours today and you will see for yourself just how awesome it really is!!
    If you are afraid of the plug in and wondering if you will be able to set it up yourself DO NOT BE!! Marianne and Randy have you covered!! I haven’t experienced such dedicated support in a long time!! Thanks again Marianne and Randy, you have totally changed my world and allowed me to step up my game another level!!
  12. I have a few questions. 1. Is this a one time fee? 2. Does the plugin post just the national coupons or all the coupons? and 3. Is it just Coupons. com or does it have Smartsource and CouponNetwork?
    • This plugin is currently for only. It is a one time FEE. Feel free to checkout the Facebook group if you have more questions.

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