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Daily Worth is BACK!

Do you want finance advice made just for women?  If so, sign up for the DailyWorth!  They include is a free daily personal finance email for women. They deliver practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pants.



  1. Kimberly Everett says:
    awesome shoes! Wish I could wear heels!!
  2. kimberly b says:
    Great! love it!
  3. im a member of Daily Worth and look forwards to their emails! they are Very informative.
    Thanks so much for sharing :)
  4. Lisa Stovall says:
    My husband is losing his job in 6 weeks. I’m panicking! We could barely afford our bills when he worked. We also need insurance. Both of us have conditions that require close monitoring. He could actually die if he doesn’t get his.
    • chelesa sims says:
      try medicaid or medicare for insurance. My husband and i get it .We both have medical problems that need to monitored.
  5. chelesa sims says:
    i think this a pretty good place for help finances
  6. Karen lanois says:
    thanks for sharing

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