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FREE Cupcake eBook!

I’m a sucker for sweets.  I love to eat vegetables but there is nothing like sinking your teeth into sugary satisfaction! :)  I love to find a good recipe and bake it for my friends.  If they like it, I take it to the next church or playgroup function.  Now I have 12 new recipes to try!  American Family Sweepstakes is giving away a free Cupcake eBook.  Just go here and enter your e-mail address and zip code.  You have the option of taking part of other offers but I just kept hitting “skip” until I got to the goodies, the  Top 12 Incredible Cupcakes eBook!  I can’t decide whether I want to make the Peanut Butter Surprise Cupcakes or the Brown Sugar Frosted Cupcakes.  What about you?

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