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Wedding Planning on a Budget – Centerpieces


You already said “YES” to the marriage proposal and now you are starting to plan your wedding…your excited, anxious and scared!!  It is a wonderful thing getting married to your best friend!!

Although the desire to get married hasn’t changed, the way that couples go about getting married has.  Couples are more interested in cutting costs when and wherever they can, as well as adding a personal touch to their event.

Let’s start with wedding centerpieces for your Wedding Day!

5 Cheap Centerpieces (That Look Rich)

Centerpieces don’t have to bust one’s budget. The key is that rather than solely depending on expensive floral arrangements to decorate tables, look to cut costs by using other non-floral or non-traditional materials. Here are 5 ideas for cheap centerpieces that still look rich:

1. Paper Flower Centerpieces: At first, the idea of paper flower centerpieces might sound like taking this whole “frugal” thing too far. Don’t worry – your decorations won’t look like you had them made by a kindergartener! Quality paper flowers will look very elegant when done correctly. You can create die cut flowers from paper for a wonderful, crafty effect. Or you can purchase a pattern for hand-cutting and assemble the flowers, or purchase them already assembled. The key is the paper you use: common construction paper is going to look cheap, while more elegant, unique papers will look (you got it!) elegant and unique.

2. The Wedding Favors as Centerpieces: Beautifully arranged wedding favors can do double duty as centerpieces. Adding a few candles with the favors is an easy way for the happy couple to decorate their tables and show their appreciation to their guests for coming at the same time. Try placing each arrangement on circular mirrors (available from craft stores) or square mirrored tiles (available at home improvement stores).  Or you can checkout the awesome prices at The Knot Wedding Shop!  The prices are awesome – they have favors that start under $1.00!!

Personalized Glassware at The Knot Wedding Shop

3. Orchid plants: Orchids are quite beautiful, and the plants make for great centerpieces. They provide greenery and color without being large or bulky. And aside from looking great, they are also inexpensive. It is possible to purchase a very lovely orchid plant for less than $20, possibly even less if purchased in bulk. And they will live on past the event, so you can give them as gifts to special guests or your wedding party.

4. Pillar Candles: Pillar candles in different sizes, grouped in the center of the table, tied together with ribbon, work great as centerpieces. They look good and are a perfect option for those on a budget. Candles can be purchased inexpensively from craft stores and are available in a variety of colors, sizes and scents. Choose an eye-catching ribbon to set off the display. Consider adding greenery or pinecones to give the centerpieces an even richer, fuller look.

5. Food: This is becoming more popular and when done correctly, makes for an elegant centerpiece. Create a cluster of fruits and/or vegetables and use as centerpieces. Apples, pineapples, star fruit, lemons and pears, make terrific looking centerpieces. Choose items in season to add a seasonal touch; nuts for the fall and winter, etc.

Thinking outside the box will help you come up with great centerpieces that are not only inexpensive but attractive.  Remember, it’s okay for things to BE cheap just as long as they don’t LOOK cheap.

Planning is so exciting … and saving money while planning a wedding it is even better!!  Stay tuned for more “budget” saving tips for your wedding planning!


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