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Modnique: Up to 85% Off of NAME BRAND Clothing!

Okay, I think I might know a little about how to save money on my grocery bill.  😛  I struggle with saving money on clothing though.  I save up and then spend (what I consider) a ton on clothing only to get 2 outfits if I’m lucky.  I know consignment shops are helpful but sometimes I want something new and pretty just for me!  I have sign up for a few services lately and now there’s a new one I just signed up for and want you to, too!  Modnique Boutique has name brand clothing at up to 85% off.


Here are a few of my favorites:

Drifter Striped V-Neck Henley Tee – Made in USA
$7.00, retails for $28.00 (75% off)

Beefly Bubble Sleeve Top
$19.00, retails for $80.00 (76% off)

Focus 2000 Button-Up Shirt
$19.00, retails for $49.00 (61% off)

Sign up today so you can start searching for beautiful designer clothes at these prices too!


  1. Its never easy getting good branded clothes on a cheap and if you get an opportunity you should use it to the fullest.

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