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Macy’s: $4.24 total for a shirt, cardigan AND scarf!!!

Now this is what I call a deal!!  Get the Style&co. Sweater, Long Sleeve Detachable Scarf Layered Look for $4.99 at Macy’s.  Have you seen this? It’s a cardigan and a tee-shirt together and it comes with a detachable scarf!!  Pair it with jeans and flats when you’re running out to the store or with dress pants and heels when you are in a less casual environment.  It was originally $49.00 but is priced at almost 90% off now PLUS enter code RELAX to get an additional 15% off!  You end up paying $4.24 for a $49.00 shirt, sweater and scarf!!

Why are you still reading? Go get it!


  1. Did anyone really get this sweater outfit this cheap? $4.24….

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